Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hallway heaven

True, a home's hallway is meant to be walked through, not lived in. But why not make your trek from Point A to Point B pleasurable? 

Placing a diversity of art accents in your entry hall can warm your guests' welcome by introducing them to your artistic tastes, and can prompt you, too, to slow down and taste life's pleasures. 

One's entry experience into this unit hallway at 315 on A in South Boston is enhanced with a rich assortment of artwork, which not only caters to a wide variety of aesthetic tastes, but gives entrants a choice of focal points to look at and reflect on, depending on their current preferences:
  • The hammered-metal vase with erratic branches adds sculptural interest to the corner. The slender legs of the simple stand give center stage to the main attraction, complement the delicacy of the branches, and contrast their curvilinear free-spirit with rectilinear rigidity. 
  •  The right-hand abstract painting enlivens the wall with a sense of stop-and-start motion in the form of mobile lines vs. static squares. This could express both our movement down the hall (paralleling the forward-moving planks of the hardwood floor) and our stopping at various rooms for whatever reason. Also, the rugged grayish brushstrokes jibe with the rough gray concrete of the ceiling to come.
  • The left-hand triptych tells a captivating story for us to pause and ponder, capturing some of the landscape elements of the view through the window at the end.
This display is also a great example of artwork well chosen to complement elements of the living space to follow, as symbols of, or tributes to, the unit's fine residential standards.

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