Saturday, May 31, 2014


Wrapping a lively wallcovering around one corner of a unit's "great room" or a condo's common lounge can do many wonders to the space. In this lounge at 315 on A in South Boston, the "city lights" wall treatment both brightens and darkens its surface at the same time, creating a stark contrast that makes its corner a focal point in the room. 

The concealed strip of cove lighting adds another dimension to the tension — especially at night, when the real city lights outside the window-walls complement the covering. The make-up lighting surrounding the mirror of the powder room inside is another complement, deepening the light-dark effect into a third dimension of space.

And yes, the wallcovering clearly defines the space inside its walls as a separate entity. This not only clarifies to guests where the bathroom is, but it also gives it the colorful dignity such a haven of privacy is often denied. This treatment also animates this corner of walls with the theme of "city life" that 315 on A is redefining, as a pivotal development in the growth of the Seaport District as Boston's new urban center.

And look at how the wallcovering, when wrapped around all of the powder-room walls, establishes continuity and transparency between the "private function" of the lounge and the public area of the hall. Its transcendence across the realms invites residents to come on in and get a piece of the action through the welcoming glass door. 

This is how a wall treatment can be a wayfinder from space to space: it signifies its main room in the hallway that connects to it, so that the corridor is no longer the lost-my-way labyrinth it is in most hotels or the protector of privacy it is in most apartment buildings.

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