Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to ArchiTalk!

First, a little about myself. I've been an architecture buff off and on since childhood. I credit my architectural appreciation to my father, the late Leslie Larson, who was an architect in the Frank Lloyd Wright genre with Japanese and Scandinavian influences thrown in. He designed warm-wooded, soft-lit, clean-lined homes, apartments and offices for such figures as Tony Bennett, Norman Cousins, David Rockefeller, million-dollar corporate attorney Martin Lipton, and renowned psychologist Eric T. Carlson. When we moved from New York to Boston, my father became a consultant on renovations of historic properties. His magnum opus in both departments was Maison Robert, an upscale French bistro he designed as part of the adaptive reuse of Boston's Old City Hall. (The restaurant closed in 2004, and Ruth's Chris Steak House now occupies its space.)

But I really become a captive fan (fan-atic, I might say) of architecture in recent years, ever since reading Paul Goldberger's 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning book On the Rise and being awestruck by the precision of his prose and the art of his "architext." I went on to study architecture history and theory at Harvard and Boston Architectural College, and to write about architecture for numerous publications, most recently "Home of the Week" profiles in the Executive Domains section of the Boston Business Journal. Prior to that I was doing the same for the Wellesley Townsman and the Needham Times, until budget cuts demolished that part of my job (and I eventually got laid off). In fact, I've amassed quite a paper trail, having also written for the Cambridge Chronicle, the TAB, the Improper Bostonian, Boston Homes, Banker & Tradesman, the Boston Business Journal, MassBuilder, Greater Boston Builder, and Victorian Homes, among others.

Now I'm frantically chasing after freelance gigs to build that portfolio further up, and I thought getting an architectural blog going would keep me writing away until the mags, papers and journals began to come my way again, and help me generate some story ideas. I was also eager to share my love of architecture with the world, and I thought a blog would be the most inviting, least intrusive way to do so, after ruling out an e-newsletter as too spammish and a paper pub as too spendthrifty.

So I hope you enjoy my blog and gain some new insights and hindsights (and lose some oversights) into the ins, outs, ups, downs, back alleys, side streets and front lawns of the architectural space that surrounds, astounds and hounds you, where there's always so much to see, spot, observe, learn, discover, find out, unturn, unravel, unveil, uncover, unearth, and stare you in the face. For architecture is the world we live in, really, so we might as well revel in it while we're still here, no?

The adventure begins...

Thank you for visiting. I welcome your comments!

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