Monday, May 26, 2014

Fire and water

Fire and water —
the yin-yang of life's essentials. 

Fire boils water,
water quenches fire. 

Fire gives us heat,
water cools us off.

Fire cooks our food to eat it up, water gives us drink to wash it down.  

Fire gives us evening light, water douses the flame at night. 

And if we're not careful —
fire burns, water drowns.
The colors and properties of these polar extremes are splendidly contrasted here, in the pool lounge of Bruner/Cott's 45 Province condominium in Boston. Coming out of the blue of the cool of the pool, you step into the red-yellow-orange of the warmth of the lounge. The fiery-orange overhead light and the stripes of fire-hue variations on the pillows intensify the heat in the room, giving you a warmer welcome from your swim outside. Thus you cool off and warm up at the same time, and the yin-yang are unified into a totally relaxing feeling.

Adding to this feeling are the deep brown tones of the upholstery and floor, which recall the dark bark of the burning log, for the next-best thing to warming up by a roaring fireplace. However, the blue ottoman under the table repolarizes the yin-yang as it continues the blue hue of the pool into the lounge, tempting you to go out, dive in and cool off again. 

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  1. Hey, I really love the art (first picture) and the text you wrote is very inspiring. Did you make it? Do you know who made it or if there's copyright on it? My brother and I are trying to start a YouTube channel and we'd love to use the picture to make a profile picture.

    1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog. This yin-yang fire-water image is used without credit on at least four sites, including mine and (, so I imagine it's in the public domain. But the photos below it on my blog are my own.

    2. Thanks a lot for answering so quickly, and thank you again for your explanation. I believe I can use it then. Your pictures are at least as beautiful as the first one, only not as appropriate as a profile picture. Good job, though! I'll definitely keep visiting your blog.

  2. Thank you! I hope to do a new post soon. Best of luck with your website!